Love chemistry or simple compatibility?

Love chemistry or simple compatibility?

Attraction is a powerful force that is confused with compatibility with a partner. When the initial charm passes, we find a person nearby, whose values, interests and aspirations are far from our. But compatibility without “chemistry” does not lead to anything good. Psychotherapist Terry Gaspar is confident that both components are needed so that the relationship has a future.

Love chemistry is something complex and not amenable to definition, a combination of emotional and physiological mutual attraction. She causes passionate feelings and powerful emotional experiences.

Compatibility – an established connection with the partner. We feel her when we love and respect a person as he is.

At the beginning of the relationship, we tend to demonstrate the best qualities to the partner and notice in it only good. But the phase of the honeymoon sooner or later ends, the illusions are dispersed. Therefore, it is important that both components are in the relationship. This combination will help lovers stay together for a long time, perhaps all their lives.

A partner who supports you will help to cope

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with unexpected changes. He will be careful in moments of life when you are especially vulnerable. Such a union is possible only when there is compatibility at the spiritual level.

Chemistry will help to cope with trials, compatibility – set common goals and achieve them, see meaning in relationships.

How to understand that both components are present in your pair? Below are the signs that will help you decide.

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